Studio Edison Mastering - Los Angeles, CA

Owned and operated by Grammy nominated songwriter, producer & Engineer Rob Kleiner.  With years in the mastering field under his belt, his credits span every popular modern genre as well as classical and film score.  SE Mastering is MFiT Certified. 

SE Mastering promises to provide a hands on experience with your master at an affordable price.  Here, the client always comes first.  We are 100% hands on.  Tell us what you want!  Any notes or concerns regarding your material and how it's treated is something we're happy to talk about anytime.  Loud master, dynamic master, smooth analog sounding master, no problem.  Just let SE Mastering know what you want.  Revisions never cost extra and the project isn't done until you're satisfied.  Instrumentals as well as "clean" or "tv mixes" can be mastered at no extra charge.  

Founded in 2008, SE Mastering began as a part time private mastering studio for industry friends and record labels only.  Through word of mouth our client list has grown exponentially year after year.   As of 2019 we are now officially open to the public.



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